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foodpanda Singapore - what you can expect:

Large variety of cuisines, diverse dishes, and a careful selection of premium restaurants near you
Apple pay to help you easily pay with your debit or credit cards in just few touches
Live chat feature to give App users instant help when they need it
Online grocery shopping and fast delivery from the best shops near you. groceries, supply or flowers!
Choose Pick-Up to self-collect your order on the go and gain extra discounts.
Conveniently courier forgotten items, gifts, documents or food within 1 hour using pandago.

Our goal is to make food delivery fast, easy and convenient!

If you're looking for a food delivery service in Singapore that offers fast convenience whenever you want it, you’re just at the right spot. Founded in 2012, we've made it our goal to simplify your life by making food delivery as convenient and affordable as possible whilst taking you with us on a culinary journey around the world. We've even added online grocery shopping and more to our app, letting you order everything from fresh to frozen food and more from shops like Marks & Spencer and 7-Eleven. Among dozens of eateries, family businesses and high-class restaurants, one is often hard pressed to make a choice for lunch, breakfast or dinner; with the foodpanda mobile app or website, you can access the menus of over 500 restaurants in Singapore and order your favourite meal online in just a few clicks!

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get foodpanda delivery?

To get foodpanda delivery, just find a restaurant or shop you want to order from by entering your postcode, look through the menu and choose your items. When you are happy with your selection, click on the "ORDER NOW" button, confirm your delivery adress and make a payment. You will receive an email and SMS confirming the order and delivery time.

How can I order food in Singapore?

This is how to order food on foodpanda in Singapore:

  1. Find a restaurant. Enter your address on the home page. Browse our extensive list of restaurants and shops that deliver to your area. Pick one of our partners and look through the menu.
  2. Choose your dishes. Browse the menu and select dishes you would like to order. Your items will appear on your cart on the right.
  3. Checkout & Payment. Once you are happy with your order, click on the "ORDER NOW" button and enter your delivery address. Simply follow the checkout instructions from there.
  4. Delivery. We will send you an email and SMS confirming your order and delivery time. Sit back, relax and wait for piping hot food to be conveniently delivered to you!

Does foodpanda deliver 24 hours?

Yes, foodpanda in Singapore delivers 24 hours. However, many restaurants may be unavailable for a late night delivery. You can also see a selection of restaurants available for late night delivery. You can also order groceries 24 hours a day through pandamart.

Can you pay cash for foodpanda?

Yes, you can pay cash on delivery for foodpanda in Singapore.

How can I pay foodpanda online?

You can pay online while ordering at foodpanda Singapore by using a credit or debit card or PayPal.

Can I order foodpanda for someone else?

Yes. During checkout, just update the name and delivery address of the person you're ordering for. Please keep in mind that if the delivery details are not correct and the order cannot be delivered, we won't be able to process a refund.

How much does foodpanda charge for delivery?

Delivery fee charged by foodpanda in Singapore depends on many operational factors, for example, location and a restaurant you are ordering from. You can always check the delivery fee while forming your order. Besides, you can filter the restaurants by clicking on "Free Delivery" icon on the top of your restaurants listing.

What restaurants let you order online?

There are hundreds of restaurants on foodpanda Singapore that let you order online. For example, Jollibee, Shake Shack, KFC, Seoul Garden, Jumbo Seafood, Starbucks and many many more! In order to check all the restaurants near your that deliver, just type in your address and discover all the available places.

Does foodpanda have a minimum order?

Yes. If you want to order less than the minimum order value, you can pay the difference.

What is the difference between delivery and Pick-Up?

If you choose delivery, a foodpanda rider will collect your order from the restaurant and take it to your chosen delivery address. If you choose Pick-Up, you can self-collect your food directly from the restaurant for extra savings – and to jump to the front of the queue. Pick-Up orders are available for restaurants only.

Find Singapore's best restaurants such as:

Why foodpanda?

Here are 3 reasons why foodpanda has been and continues to be the number one alternative for home cooking in Singapore:

1. foodpanda delivery is fast, fun and definitely hassle-free. We are continuously striving to build relationships with our customers. Coming home from a long day at the office? It’s got to be a food delivery from one of foodpanda's Western or Asian restaurants! For formal occasions, numerous dedicated restaurants take care of catering services in no time on highly desirable prices. If you are planning an event and are unsure what to cook for your guests, think of foodpanda. We’re waiting for your message. The fastest food delivery in Singapore offering you the best foods to enjoy!

2. Our team at foodpanda catering is made up of busy-bees. Thus we simply know how stressful it can be to organize wedding buffets, graduation dinners, birthdays and even a simple dinner. Trust our expertise in connecting hungry customers with unique restaurants, your event is bound to be a success. Discover the wide gastronomic range of our partner restaurants, traditional Italian pizzerias and fast-food outlets. foodpanda event catering will not only save you time and troubles. Whatever it is your friends are craving right now, be sure to find it within seconds on our portal. Easy and convenient, we spare you the hassle of calling up the restaurant yourself: Simply go online, choose the meal you wish to enjoy, and treat yourself to affordable rates every day, seven days a week. Apart from corporate event catering and wedding specials, many more munchies are available on our pages.

3. At the start of every successful work day lies a breakfast for heros. In a time of constant interruptions and increasing work pressure, cooking and washing dishes probably sounds an impossibility to most professionals today. Our breakfast delivery options offer you the solution - with oven-baked French croissants, strong coffees, teas, fruit salads and delightful garden salads. Next time you think of seamless and convenient food delivery in Singapore, think foodpanda!

Special Occasions It's Time To Celebrate With Amazing Food

Sit tight and relax while your delicious food is on its way. Whether you are working at the office, just chilling at home or planning a party night with friends, our catering options in Singapore guarantee that whichever dish it is you're in the mood for, 500+ Singapore restaurants will provide you with the choice you deserve. Upon checkout, select your payment options- both credit card and cash payments are accepted.

Corporate Clients Program Makes your workers Happier and Healthier

Treat your corporate employees to the best lunch delivery available in Singapore with the foodpanda corporate program in Singapore. Launched in the Fall of 2015, foodpanda is proud to be collaborating with the city's top firms to create an economic addition to the perks offered by companies. The most advanced corporate food delivery of its kind, foodpanda offers custom food orders for all staff, managers, and the self-employed in one simple process. | Explore our Corporate options here

Food App Click, Choose, Enjoy With The foodpanda App

We believe that ordering food from unique restaurants in Singapore is a question of time. In a digitally connected world, why not let your mobile phone do the job? Download the foodpanda app today to access currently over 500 restaurants in Singapore in a single click. Fast, easy, and convenient: This is how food delivery should be. Get the free Android | iOS App now, and delight in a plethora of healthy food delivered to you.

foodpanda Magazine Food, Events & Lifestyle

Read the latest food and lifestyle updates from foodpanda Magazine, your number one source for food and lifestyle online. We are foodies by conviction. Eating happy meals in Singapore day in and day out, we were counting seconds until we were able to share our latest invention with all foodpanda fans. Restaurant reviews, event coverage, and many more exciting news are awaiting the hungry reader. Interact with us in the comment section, and tell us what you want to read next. What better way to relax? | Click to Read

Faster Delivery, 30 Minutes Away From The Food You Love

We know that when you are hungry, the food you crave should arrive as fast as possible. In such moments, waiting for extended periods of time until dishes arrive just isn't an option. foodpanda, Singapore's favorite purveyor of high-value food delivery, may hold the solution: Explore delicious Pizza, find original Pasta creations, or simply indulge in heavenly chocolate desserts - save time with our restaurants offering express delivery in under 30 minutes! | Go express